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Storage Solutions has been our go-to company for 15+ years to suggest and provide solutions for storage issues in our maintenance and warehouse departments. They have come into our facility numerous times and provided a vision and plan to organize our maintenance shop, warehouse, and facility storage areas.

The equipment provided is always safe and high quality with an excellent finished appearance. 5S is very important to our company worldwide. Our maintenance shop tool storage area designed by Storage Solutions is a focal point of plant tours and is very impressive due to its organization, and clean professional appearance meeting our 5S objectives.

Budget considerations are always part of any project and Storage Solutions always provides a plan to meet our budget and time constraints. The labor during installation is performed professionally and safely by their installation team. I consider it a pleasure to do business with Storage Solutions and I would recommend them for any project under consideration.

Glen B.
Maintenance and Engineering Manager

Tier 1 Automotive Mfg.

Storage Solutions has been a very reliable supplier for over 16 years. I know when I call them for a project that they understand our safety requirements and will take time to listen to our objectives. In many circumstances we are looking for a solution and Storage Solutions has been very valuable making recommendations to fit our needs.

Their installation crews are safe, very professional, and easy to work with as much of our work includes installation. We have purchased a variety of products including large mezzanines, racks, and storage equipment. Our company has frequent tours and visitors so we require neat and appealing appearance of all the products in use. Storage Solutions is very attentive to detail and appearance of their installations. As a long term customer of Storage Solutions I know I can always trust them to provide safe, quality work.

Carol H.
Team Leader

Tier 1 Automotive Mfg.

Recently my group was tasked with making modifications to how we separate and control Fork-lift and Pedestrian separation in our warehouse. We had internally looked at several different solutions all of which were not ideal. We had brought Storage Solutions in to quote some of the ideas that we had generated knowing the cost would be relatively high due to the automation we were considering. Rod and Chris listened to what we were wanting to accomplish and found another much more cost effective solution to meet our goals.

They arranged for us to have a hands on experience with the new product and process. The whole team was impressed with the ease of use and safety history of the product. Storage Solutions was able to help us meet our goals within our budget and give us a better product than we were initially planning to install.

Thank you for your help in supporting us to meet our goals for safety improvement within our budget

Kenny I.
Logistics Manager

TWF Contractors

At TWF when we choose vendors our standards and expectations are very high. Storage Solutions is a current vendor and has provided multiple large turnkey projects for us including modular buildings, mezzanines, and guardrail for over 10 years.

We know when we contract with Storage Solutions for a project that they will provide hands on project management and management of quality sub-contractors. Our local representative from Storage Solutions works with us on design and recommendations to meet our budget and time constraints.

Appearance of the finished product is extremely important to us and our clients. Storage Solutions uses the best materials and makes sure the final installation is aesthetically pleasing. Safety is imperative to us and our clients and Storage Solutions has had zero incidents on our job sites. I would recommend the Storage Solutions team as a valued partner to complete your project safely, on budget, and on time.

Ben E.
Vice President

National Retail Chain

Storage Solutions has been a National account supplier of ours for several years. The requirements are very specific and many projects require hands on management from Storage Solutions personnel to meet our National account solutions.

As a client with thousands of locations nationwide, my team has found the Storage Solutions team to be extremely customer focused on our account with attention to all details necessary to assure we receive the correct product on time and on budget. The safety of our employees and customers is always paramount and Storage Solutions has provided equipment to over 400 locations without incident.  I have a high level of confidence in Storage Solutions’ performance and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Tony S.
Senior Director of Construction


We will be happy to assist you with any questions or more detailed product information on any Storage Solutions products.