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Modular Pre-Fabricated Cleanrooms

Advantages of Cleanroom Modular Construction

  • Greater speed to market
  • Clean installation and minimized waste
  • Flexibility to expand and modify
  • Reduced construction timeframe
  • Tax advantages

Turnkey Design and Installation

  • Our experienced representatives offer design services utilizing our resources including building design, mechanical design, architectural services.
  • Installation is turnkey by SSI vetted contractors experienced working  in plant environments and cleanroom specialty.
  • SSI handles your project from budget to certificate of occupancy including all permits and inspections by authorities.

Cleanroom Classification

  • Truly modular, non-progressive construction on featuring full panels, provides maximum flexibility to accommodate new processes and equipment
  • The particles increase by a factor of 10 with every increase in the ISO rank.
  • Another grading scale that is used is the US federal standard which is numbered 1, 10, 100, 10,000, and so on.
  • Class 1 rooms have 1 particle for every 0.5 micrometer of cubic space, and so on, the Class numbers resembling the maximum amount of particles allowed in 0.5 cubic micrometers.

Cleanroom Filtration System

  • Clean rooms often use HEPA filters and ULPA filters. The filtration system is specified for your exact requirements and level of particulate allowed.
  • Capability to  remove up to 99.9% of the particulates in the air using various air flow techniques.
  • Some clean rooms employ a positive pressure to keep particles out, and then some employ negative pressure to keep contaminants in.
  • Each application is unique and is reviewed by a mechanical engineer to assure required standards are met.


  • Modular Pre-Fabricated construction speeds up the timeline for project completion which we know is important.
  • Detailed timelines are included to assure project completion dates are met and shared with the end user every step of the way.
  • Field modification and changes are possible without halting the project due to the nature of modular construction.


  • CBD quarantine and processing rooms
  • Indoor grow Rooms
  • FDA/USDA compliant cleanrooms
  • Compounding Labs, Pharmaceutical Packaging, and Microelectronics Manufacturing
  • Medical device production and packaging
  • CMM Rooms
  • Gown Rooms
  • Powder Coating
  • Automotive production rooms

Special Accessories

  • Load bearing roofs
  • Custom pass throughs
  • Roll up doors
  • Plenum walls
  • Epoxy and ESD flooring
  • Special wall finishes, FRP, laminate, painted steel
  • 1 hour fire rated panels
  • Softwall cleanrooms

“Do I need a cleanroom, or just a “cleaner” room?”

The word cleanroom can immediately sound like something more complicated than it really is. Though most might picture a highly sophisticated enclosure with occupants dressed in full containment gowning when they hear the word “cleanroom”, the term can actually take on a variety of meanings.

Even though our cleanroom systems can be used to create highly-advanced critical environments, that type of application is typically a smaller percentage of the cleanroom market that we serve. The majority of our work involves the creation of modular environments that allow our end-customers to:

  • Contain processes
  • Enclose machinery or equipment
  • Adhere to regulations governing safety and quality

The above solutions allow our clients to enhance operational efficiency, increase product quality and improve throughput. Below are a few of the more common requirements for controlled environments and for more specialized cleanroom environments.


We will be happy to assist you with any questions or more detailed product information on any Storage Solutions products.