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The Long, Short and Everywhere In Between of Bulky Item Storage

The reality is that some products just don’t fit into a box, or onto a shelf, or load into standard pallet rack as easily as others. When you need to store long, bulky, or awkward items with odd or unconventional shapes and dimensions, Cantilever Rack storage is the answer.

SSI has been helping businesses in Tennessee, Alabama, and across the Southeast to cost-effectively store their hard-to-handle products while making the best use of their warehouse space for decades. We understand the unique challenges that businesses in the Southeast face and have the experience you need to get the job done right the first time.

Finding the Right Cantilever Rack for Your Inventory

In short, cantilever racks are most often used for oddly shaped that are not easily stored through conventional means. Some of the more common uses for cantilever rack systems include:

Steel Service Centers

Aluminum, Tubing & Piping

Lumber, Wood & Drywall

Furniture and Appliances

Vinyl Sheets

Wood and Dry Wall

Construction Material

Masonite Materials

Carpeting and Rugs

Oversized Boxes and Pallets

Interior and Exterior Doors

Electrical Materials

Tubing and Piping

Cantilever rack systems can be used in single or double-sided applications and customized to the materials being stored.

How Cantilever Works

Cantilever rack is designed to store objects of virtually any length, width and dimension. A strong and sturdy base secures the racks at ground level with heavy-duty upright columns connected to the base. Cantilever arms are attached to the columns at various levels creating multiple layers of storage capacity. Columns can be bolted directly to the uprights or dropped into prefabricated slots. Without any vertical impediments, cantilever rack offers easy forklift access to inventory at all levels.

The upright columns are stabilized by braces and, in some cases, the systems feature decking to provide solid shelf levels for harder-to-store items like furniture and other heavy and more cumbersome items.

Looking for Outdoor Cantilever Storage?

Simply place the cantilever roofing system on the upper level and your loads are covered for outdoor storage of lumber and materials that need protection from the weather.  Covered outdoor cantilever storage creates a four-season covered storage unit with protection from the elements.  protecting stored materials from harsh weather conditions significantly reduces costly replacement expenses of inventory.  An angled roof design allows rain to flow down easily and shields against ice, sun, and snow damage. structural steel components with powder coat paint and treated wood joists provide superior strength and lasting durability. 

In consideration of local weather variances, roofed cantilever racking is custom-manufactured for your exact needs and application. Important variables such as wind and snow loads, geographical location (country/city/state), and exact physical location of the installation are all considered in the engineering process.

Leave Your Cantilever Storage Needs to the SSI Experienced Team

We proudly serve customers throughout Tennessee, Alabama and the rest of the Southeastern US. Our experts are fully trained to assess your needs and identify whether or not cantilever racking is a suitable solution for your business or location. With our 5-step Total Satisfaction Experience™ you are guaranteed that we listen and execute your project paying special attention to your particular application, project timelines, safety, and appearance of the finished product.  We will walk you through each stage of the process and offer expert customer service and peace of mind. Contact a member of our team today and Chat, Zoom, or call us at 865-540-4004 for prompt response.