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Expanding & Relocating Modular Office Walls

Modular office systems have been used to provide additional office space in manufacturing and warehouse environments for decades now.  However, the semi-permanent nature of our modular office walls can offer benefits to a variety of different work environments.  Read the full story at

Hydraulics Manufacturer Gets Pallet Flow Lift Needed

Even a hydraulics company needs a lift sometimes! Read more at

Need More SKUs Edge to Edge? Dyna-Flo Optimizes Rack Space

Dyna-Flo and Dyna-Flo HD are carton flow solutions that address a common warehousing challenge… orderly, efficient storage of cartons that vary in size and shape. Read more at

Looking at Empty Pallet Handling in a New Light

Empty Pallets Equal Measurable Savings

If your case picking productivity ends with an empty pallet, you may not be maximizing the potential effectiveness of your order selection process. Empty pallet return lanes (EPRs) are gravity fed flow lanes positioned right within the pick area and are uniquely designed for efficient removal of empty pallets. Not just that, EPRs also protect pallets from damage, minimize pick area congestion and make the most efficient use of forklifts and pallet jacks.


Helping Manufacturers Expand Fast

Tighter production windows, faster speed to market and the pressure to continuously develop and retool for new products means increasing pressure on manufacturing facilities. Read more at

Which is Right for Your Warehouse? Pallet Flow Rack or Automated Pallet Shuttle Systems

High-density pallet storage is simply the concept of condensing pallet storage into a smaller warehousing footprint to maximize warehouse space. Simple right? Maybe yes, if you know the right questions to ask when choosing the system that is best for your needs. Read more at

Pallet Flow Forklift Separator Offers Safe and Efficient Flow

A safe pallet flow will certainly increase efficiency…  In the case of multi-level, deep-lane pallet flow configurations, we rely on the Forklift Separator FL 300.  Read more at

Safety Gate Options

We offer a number of safety gate options to meet all your needs.  Click the link to see a few common options available.

Gravity Conveyor Advantages

Gravity conveyors work in receiving, processing, order fulfillment, staging, assembly and loading docks. Non-powered gravity sections are positioned flat for push-assisted applications or minimally sloped to flow with gravity.  Read more at>

Floor Mounted Pallet Flow Solution

Sometimes the simple solutions just work the best. Below you can see how a major discount retail customer has found a way to maximize picks, minimize travel and ensure accuracy by relying on floor-mounted pallet flow rack for inventory staging. After the success with this system, they have implemented it in numerous fulfillment centers. Hopefully this idea assists other customers with high volume order selection.

Warehouse Safety

Hazards exist in any workplace. Warehouse hazards, though, create more accidents because of the massive quantities of products of all different sizes, shapes and weights stored on shelves, floors and anyplace else someone can find a place to put a box, pallet or carton. Warehouse fatalities and severe or permanent injuries have a serious impact and yet they are preventable with careful planning and an ongoing commitment to safety.  Read more at

7 Mistakes You Want To Avoid When Ordering Carton Flow Rack

We are here to help you find just the right carton flow solution for your inventory needs, and the best way to do that is to prevent you from making some of the common mistakes that we see when carton flow rack is ordered.  Knowing ahead of time to avoid these mistakes will save you time and money and ultimately get you the best carton flow rack for your unique inventory needs.

The Cost of Building a Mezzanine

When looking to improve the space in a facility, there are quite a few options for the company to consider.  When looking to expand, a company must make sure that all of their options are looked at and fully evaluated. Read more at

Pre-Engineered Construction is Ideal for Clean Manufacturing Environments

No one likes the dust and debris caused by construction projects, but in clean manufacturing environments for medical devices, pharmaceutical products, semiconductors, and electronics, construction debris could be hazardous. Storage Solutions’ pre-engineered cleanroom technology offers a solution

Building Up When You’re Short of Floor Space

Floor space is at a premium in many factories. That is a problem when you need more room for people, equipment, processes, or materials storage.  A Storage Solution 2-story modular building allows you to build up, effectively doubling your space by adding a second floor.  Read the full blog at

How Do Building Codes Impact Rack Repair?

Building codes and standards evolve and improve over time—meaning a rack system installed several years ago may not meet current standards. When repairing an older system, should the work be performed to the codes in place during the original installation, or to current standards?  Read the full blog at

Are you using a Drug-Free company for your projects?

Read all about the reasons why you need to use a Drug-Free company at

Pallet Flow Keeps Things Rolling for Major Auto Manufacturer

Major auto manufacturers know how to build things that move, but when one needed to keep their parts flowing we were honored that they turned to us for a solution. Split roller pallet flow racking  is a terrific choice for this challenge but there are some key reasons why… so let’s go over the specs.  Read the full story at

OSHA 10 Trained?

Storage Solutions project managers and salesmen have completed 10 hours of
OSHA training.  Read more about how we work to keep everyone safer at

Why Should A Cleanroom Be Modular Construction?

Cleanrooms are a necessary fixture in many businesses and laboratories now where the particle count for dust and other common airborne particles can allow for more accurate results when testing and more precise manufacturing is necessary during assembly. When it comes to installing a cleanroom modular in a business there are two choices. Construction of cleanroom solutions can be done using traditional construction methods or created offsite using modular construction and installed later. Here are some of the benefits of choosing to construct a cleanroom using modular methods.  Read more at

Gravity Flow Solutions for Pick Modules

A pick module combines warehouse racking systems such as carton flow and pallet flow, selective pallet rack and conveyor to move products from receiving, to order selection, to shipping via a dynamic and interconnected system.  Our gravity flow rack products are mainstays in pick module configurations throughout the U.S.  Read more at

Efficient, High Density Keg Storage

While the microbrew trend continues, beer wholesalers and distributors face some great opportunities and equally tough challenges; how to accommodate a growing number of SKUs in numerous keg sizes while maintaining pick rates, all within the limited space of a keg storage room.  Read about it at

10 Questions to Ask When Evaluating the Need for Pallet Separators

Pallet flow racking is a popular high-density warehouse storage solution that maximizes capacity and throughput.  However, the fact that gravity is the main “driver” of the system the challenge of pallet flow is to make sure that the front pallet position is not just always filled but also that it can be safely picked.  Pitch, lane configuration and wheel/roller assembly are essential design considerations but the pallet separator might also play a significant role in flow lane efficiency.  Read the full bog at

Need More Pick Faces in Your Carton Flow? It’s Easier than You Might Think With Storage Solution’s Full Bed Carton Flow

More SKUs, changing carton sizes and limited space – 3 challenges our customers bring to our carton flow testing lab every day. This leading technologies company was no exception, however they had a couple more hurdles for us to tackle.  Not only did they need a way to accommodate more SKUs, but we also had to find the best system to handle their lightweight, oblong and shrink wrapped (slippery) boxes. No problem…

Carton Flow Impact Tray – Built to Take the Punishment

Defining the Most Critical Pallet Spec for Optimal Pallet Flow

As we discussed in previous blogs, there are many variables to consider when designing your pallet flow rack system and probably the most critical element is your PALLET – the bottom of the pallet more specifically. It’s why we always recommend testing your simulated pallet load in our testing lab.  Read more at

Plastic Totes Get a Consistent Ride on Split Roller Pallet Flow Rack

A manufacturer that designs extremely precise automobile parts and accessories deserves a well thought out and equally detailed pallet flow rack solution to quickly and efficiently move their important products… thankfully our testing lab never disappoints.

The Versatility Of  Cleanrooms

Modular cleanrooms are as versatile as your project needs. Despite the variety of applications of our modular cleanroom systems, you can trust that Storage Solutions will bring the same professionalism and expertise to every project.  Read about it at

Testing Plastic Pallets Leads to Custom Pallet Flow Rack Solution for Online Retailer

Storage Solutions pallet flow racking systems have seen it all – metal pallets, IBC containers, wooden and plastic pallets of course, and even cardboard.  Our in-house engineering testing lab is where we test all different pallet options to simulate applications before purchase and to help design solutions to existing pallet flow challenges for our customers.

Modular Construction FAQ

Being in a unique business like modular construction, there are many nuances that are not exactly the same as traditional construction.  When people think of modular construction, they often think of pre-assembled, “cookie-cutter” buildings and structures that are mass produced.  However, that is not the case.  For Storage Solutions, we provide a number of different space solutions, each designed to the customers’ own specifications.  As such, we receive many questions about our product, company, and building process.  Here are some of our most frequently asked questions that we receive through our projects.

Scientific Method on Display in Testing Lab Pallet Flow Test

You remember learning in grade school about the importance of observing, measuring and experimenting in order to form an educated opinion or solution right?  Well thankfully the Testing Lab engineers certainly do and they regularly use this process while solving client pallet flow product challenges.  Read the full story at

Document Security Enclosure

A local Nashville area Water Department recently had Storage Solutions Inc.
Design and install this security cage in their warehouse area.  The project was required to secure various internal and customer documents.  Read more and see it at

HD TV Meets HD Carton Flow and It’s a Perfect Match

All inventory is valuable and these HD TVs are no exception… they’re high priced, fragile commodities that require deliberate and careful treatment in a busy warehouse environment.  The challenge for this leading national retailer was to create an easy to use and access storage space that ensured efficient, damage free handling.   Read the full blog at

Forklift Personnel Separation

How to help control pedestrian traffic in a Forklift environment:  Read one option at

“Extend” Efficiencies All Through the Warehouse (Mallard Manufacturing)

The Engineered Applications product line just got “extended” with a unique mobile, expandable pallet flow product that can go from dock staging to production/assembly… and everywhere in between.  Read the full blog at

Forklift Pallet Flow Separator Relieves Pressure & Enhances Safety

How High Can I Build My Pallet Flow Rack?

So we thought we’d take the opportunity to offer our advice on these topics.  They are seemingly simple questions, which are probably why everyone asks them, but the real answers are usually a little more complicated.  Read more at

What Should You Do With Your Empty Pallet Flow Pallets?

This is a really great question – especially for customers interested in pick modules or case-pick applications using pallet flow. Pallet flow/case-pick systems are ideal for operations requiring high SKU density combined with high throughput case selection.  Read more at

Four (4) Choices for Mezzanine Access:

Once the decision has been made to expand usable floor space by installing a mezzanine, the next decision is how to access that floor space in an efficient, economical and safe manner.  Read about the 4 choices here.

Pneumatic Controls Take the Pressure Off!

Let’s share with you the benefits of the Pneumatic Pallet Separators, PS 500 series.  What makes this type of pallet separator different is its ability to rise to the challenge… literally and figuratively!

Is it a Rail? A Lane? Or Maybe a Track? Know Your Pallet Flow Rack Terms.

If you’ve been around the warehousing industry awhile, most or all of these common pallet flow racking terms will be familiar. Familiar yes, but you’d be surprised how often even the pros need a little clarification regarding the terms that help identify a pallet flow rack system. So here’s a little “cheat sheet” that we’ve developed that you can use as a quick reference guide when working on your next pallet flow racking project.  Read more at

Does Your Manufacturing Area Need a Maintenance Work Platform?

Maintenance work platforms are structural steel units that can help you perform routine maintenance on manufacturing equipment. Most buildings do not take advantage of these maintenance platforms – often because they do not understand their value.  Read more at


Pallet Jack Access Ramp for Pallet Flow 

Save Time and Steps in Picking and Staging Areas

There are two great tools you can use for more efficient product staging.  The first will help you optimize space, manage inventory and reduce forklift use and travel time – floor mounted pallet flow lanes.  Read more at


Conventional Pallet Rack Storage vs High Density, Space -Saving Pallet Flow

    • Maximize Storage Capacity: Close to double the storage in the same footprint
    • Increase Throughput: Less travel with consolidated picking and replenishment
    • Decrease Equipment Costs: Few forklifts needed
    • Reduce Labor Expense: Less forklift travel and pallet handling
    • Better Inventory Control: Ideal for dated and/or perishable goods



How to improve your warehouse efficiency?

Are your warehouse operations successful?

If yes, you are set to grow and there is no better time to review your warehouse organization strategies. If no, now is the time to introduce warehouse solutions that can boost efficiency and productivity. Here are a few warehouse storage ideas for improving operations: Read the whole article at


Pre-fabricated Break Rooms

Modular break rooms or Modular office systems make terrific in plant offices; a Storage Solution’s portable enclosure can be used in a variety of ways including break rooms for employees. Workers can meet in modular break rooms or portable enclosures for coffee or a quick meeting or even take a break to shoot a game of pool, fostering the idea of good, old-fashioned human interaction. Re-popularizing face time within the workplace can be a challenge that’s easily handled with a modular wall system.   Read more at

What Does It Mean To Have A DEA-Approved Drug Cage?

If you store controlled substances classified under even the least restrictive DEA drug schedule, regardless of the reason, you need secure storage to ensure these substances are not accessed by unauthorized persons. The DEA has strict requirements for controlled substances which must be followed.  Read more at

How to Make Your Facility Safer

In 2015, the transportation and warehousing industries had the second highest rate of injury per 100 full-time employees, and workers in these industries saw the most days away from work due to these injuries. Manufacturing was tied with construction with the fourth highest rate of injury. These incidents come in all shapes and sizes in large facilities, depending on the type of work being performed and the materials in the area.  Here are eight ways Storage Solutions, Inc. can help you improve your workplace safety and security to help reduce hazards and injuries.  Read more at


Work Platform and Mezzanine Flooring Options

Mezzanine and work platforms can be engineered for your specific application.  Elevated storage, office, production space, and equipment platforms are always an excellent option to consider when expansion is needed.  Storage Solutions, Inc. specializes in design and turnkey installation of these structures.  Read more at


Are Modular Tall Walls Right for Your Facility?

You need wall partitions in your facility, but are unsure whether modular walls or modular tall walls would fit your needs.  When deciding whether or not modular tall walls are right for your facility, ask yourself these questions:

How Much Space Do You Have?

What’s Your Budget?

Read more here.



Check out this Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Design Example and many of the features that are possible.


Read more about it here.


Do you know who is doing your installation work and are they qualified?

installation homepage link

Read all about it here.



5 Signs Carton Flow Rack Is Right for Your Storage Mix

Carton Flow Rack is a gravity flow solution used for efficient, accurate case and each picking.  Also known as “case flow” or “tote flow” rack, carton flow operates in a similar way to pallet flow rack – relying on durable rollers or wheeled tracks, carton flow uses separate load and pick aisles to ensure productive, FIFO order fulfillment directly at the pick face. Carton flow rack is easily integrated with other material handling systems and can triple the number of case pick locations compared to traditional pallet rack.  Read more at



Modular Cleanroom FAQs

Q: How versatile is a modular cleanroom?

Q: Do your modular cleanroom systems meet class 100 conditions?  Read more at



6 Questions to Ask Before Buying Full Roller Pallet Flow Racking

Why Full Roller Pallet Flow Rack?

So WHEN and WHY do we use full roller pallet flow rack vs. the traditional wheeled track pallet flow? It’s a great question and one that’s asked of our sales team frequently.  Read here.


10 Hard Facts on Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated buildings and modular construction have been around for years. The practice of prefabricated construction started out as a method of getting quality housing out to rural areas, however over the years, the practice has been used more as a way to increase productivity and efficiency in your construction process. To share more about the benefits of prefabricated buildings and modular construction, we compiled 10 HARD FACTS to show the promise of our practice.

Read here.

Who Is Required To Be A Licensed General Contractor?

  • A Tennessee contractor’s license is required BEFORE bidding or offering a price, for projects $25,000 and up(includes materials and labor), as a prime (general) contractor; and also subcontractors performing electrical, mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, roofing and masonry are also required to be licensed as a contractor, when the total portion on the project is $25,000 or more; masonry, when $100,000 or more. In addition, a sub to a sub would need to be licensed whenever there are more than one (1) subcontractors on the project


We will be happy to assist you with any questions or more detailed product information on any Storage Solutions products.