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Let’s talk a little more about 2020, and why it’s the year of the mobile carton flow work cell. Data from Statista indicates that online-shopping spending is expected to top $4.2 trillion by the end of the year and that over a quarter of shoppers in the United States intentionally shifted their shopping online due to public health concerns generated by the COVID-19 pandemic. What does this mean for the workflow and fulfillment processes for your warehouse? It means that it must quickly adapt to the increased demand for customized individual item orders; mobile carton flow work cells are a quick and easy way to make sure you’re ready.

What Are Mobile Carton Flow Work Cells?

Mobile Carton Flow Rack - Storage Solutions Inc SSI

Simply put, mobile carton flow work cells are moveable carton flow stations that allow you to maneuver products throughout your warehouse for quick picking, packing, and shipping. In the context of warehouse operations and order fulfillment, they can be populated with cartons or totes to fill quick, custom orders. They are multi-shelf moveable racks positioned on castors and wheels. In addition to easy housing and maneuvering of goods for immediate, small-item orders, mobile carton flow work cells can be used for:

  • Each-pick order processing from cartons or totes
  • Parts storage for assembly stations
  • Restocking of parts for seamless assembly workflow
  • Replenishment and temporary storage of parts and single-item orders 
  • Wheel style conveyor bed adapt to any size or style container for flexibility

Mobile carton flow work cells can be moved individually by a staff member or they can be outfitted with tow bars so they can be maneuvered by forklifts. They are a versatile and convenient asset in order picking and assembly. Mobile carton workflow cells offer the convenience, efficiency and productivity of traditional gravity-flow while providing increased mobility to keep things moving. Some of the immediate benefits include:

Are Mobile Carton Flow Work Cells Right for Me?

Carton Flow Mobile Cart - Storage Solutions Inc SSIThe short answer is “yes”. The longer answer is that these units are compact to fit within the spatial restrictions of any warehouse and make life considerably easier for your staff, specifications for which are below.

  • Widths – 32″, 48″, 58” and 70” Clear
  • Depths – Up to 58”
  • Height – 84” Posts/Standard

These units also offer ergonomic tilt-trays to better accommodate gravity flow and easy shelving and SKU changes.

Let Us Help You Get Moving with Mobile Carton Flow Work Cells

There is every reason to believe that e-commerce fulfillment and online shopping will continue to have a direct impact on the way your warehouse operates. Mobile carton flow work cells have proven to be a game-changing resource and helpful ally in helping facilities just like yours expedite and streamline their picking, packing, and fulfillment operation. 

The team at Storage Solutions, Inc. is ready to help you fully leverage the benefits of these solutions through strategic, proactive, and customized implementation. With our 5 Step Total Satisfaction Experience™ you are guaranteed that we listen and execute your project paying special attention to your particular application, project timelines, safety, and appearance of the finished product. We will walk you through each stage of the process and offer expert customer service and peace of mind. 

Contact a member of our team today and chat, Zoom, or call us at 865-540-4004 for a prompt response. We proudly serve customers in Tennessee, Alabama, and throughout the Southeast.