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SSI-Pallet Rack Safety Protection

Warehouse Pallet Rack Safety Guards On the Job

Pallet rack damage assessment is a never-ending job in any operation where VNA equipment, forklifts,  and other powered equipment operate. Frequent and regular scheduled inspections by trained personnel should be the standard operating procedure and part of the pallet rack preventative maintenance schedule in every warehouse and production facility. 

The rack inspection process should include an examination of structural integrity, corrosion, component damage, overloading, floor flatness, and floor condition. Close attention should be paid to front columns and pallet rack end rows where severe rack damage is most prevalent. If a problem is identified, immediate repair or replacement can prevent accidents and further damage to other racks or components in the system.

Proper pallet rack safety guards can mitigate the risk of rack collapse and damage. There are several options for properly safeguarding your rack, including but not limited to:

  • Steel bolt-on guarding
  • Polymer guarding
  • Double post design of rack upright
  • Low-profile guarding
  • Floor-mounted post protectors

Column Guarding

Pallet Rack Safety Guards - Storage Solutions, Inc. SSI
Column Protectors

Prevent forklift damage and protect rack columns with steel column protectors. Guards are anchored into the warehouse floor for best rack system protection and easy replacement. 

Double Post Design

Double posts design, also referred to as reinforced or “boxed” columns, essentially doubles the impact protection of the lower portion of the column. 

End-of-Aisle Rack Protectors

End of Row Guards - Storage Solutions Inc. SSI
End of Aisle Rack Protection

Row end or end-of-aisle rack protectors are made with heavy-duty materials and protect the row against impact from pallet jacks, carts, and forklift traffic. 

Guard Rails

Guard rails keep powered vehicle traffic clear of racks to minimize contact. Structural steel rack upright protection anchored to the floor is the best heavy-duty option for in-aisle rack protection. Engineered guardrail will absorb severe impacts from forklifts or other equipment…up to a 13,000 lb. load impact traveling at 4 mph, without failure.

Pallet Rack Safety Guards - Storage Solutions, Inc.
Pallet Rack Safety Guards

Additional Things You Can Do to Ensure Pallet Rack Safety

In addition to implementing proper equipment-related measures to ensure proper rack safety, there are also common practices your warehouse can adopt to help keep your inventory, staff, and equipment and racks safe from damage. These measures include – 

  •  Proper Aisle Spacing – Proper rack layout is critical to avoiding unnecessary contact and impact. If your racks are too close together, you run the risk not only of a sort-of domino effect. Proper rack spacing depends on the size of your facility, forklift turning radius,  inventory load,  and other factors.
  • Avoid Overloading – Speaking of load size, you want to make sure that the weight of your load on your rack doesn’t exceed its load-bearing capabilities. Each type and model of rack will have their own load-bearing specifications, and it’s important you adhere to them to preserve their longevity.  Load capacity labels and end aisle placards should be displayed to operators to know the rated capacity of the racking.  When configurations change the rack capacity can be affected and should be evaluated by a trained professional before relabeling.

Pallet Rack Safety Accessories Installation 

Installation of pallet rack safety guards and accessories is typically very easy, requiring just a hammer drill for anchors holes. SSI installers can mobilize to install rack guard products quickly without interrupting warehouse operations. We’re ready to help your organization identify the best ways to safeguard your pallet rack, inventory, and most importantly, your employees. Our experienced and qualified personnel are OSHA trained and our installation personnel have a minimum of 10 years of professional installation experience. Contact us today at 865-540-4004 to learn more.