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Is Your Workplace Prepared for Social Distancing?

Most offices will look very different when employees return to non-remote work, as companies plan a range of surveillance and security protocols to curb virus transmission. Buffet lunches and open floor concepts may soon be on the outs as plexiglass partitions and one-way walkways are brought in.

The federal government is developing guidelines and recommendations to re-configure the layout of workplaces to ensure proper social distancing.

Storage Solutions Inc. can help your company redesign office, industrial or warehouse workspaces to meet the newly formed guidelines and keep your workforce safe and comfortable.

Separating workspaces by at least six feet can be accomplished by any of these options: creating individual offices, adding walls to existing open spaces, installing half-walls or privacy panels to divide open workspaces.

Modular construction is fast, clean and can be erected with minimal effort. No other construction method delivers the speed, flexibility and total solution that our modular wall systems offer.

Two new products – the SSI Isolation Room and the SSI Screening Booth – can also help you implement new protocols for your employees.

*Will you be screening workers for fever or signs of illness before they enter your building?
*If you have a worker who begins to show symptoms during their shift, do you have an area to isolate that employee from co-workers?

Storage Solutions offers two recent innovations can play a key role in preparing your company for its next chapter.  Call now for a quote at 865-540-4004