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Convey Absolutely Anything in Your DC, 3PL, or Warehouse

Slave pallets are designed to transport pallets or containers with forklifts, conveyors, or ball transfers. Other uses include storage and transporting any load on roller conveyor, AS/RS systems, and racking systems. The slave pallets can be used for building up / breaking down pallets at any suitable place within the warehouse. Quality assurance inspection areas that work with various pallets including cardboard, CKD, wood, plastic, and containers can benefit from slave pallet utilization. By using multiple slave pallets, a dedicated conveyor system can be set up in virtually any configuration. When not in use, slave pallets can be stacked by a standard forklift truck to save valuable warehouse floor handling space. Typical applications include slave pallets for high density AS/RS and robotic stacking systems that store an extensive range of lightweight and heavyweight goods based on the unique needs of each individual system.

Custom Slave Pallets for Distribution Centers, 3PL, and Logistic Warehouses
As captive pallets, slave pallets typically remain in manufacturers’ and distributors’ production or DC facility for ongoing internal inventory movement. Repetitive usage requires slave pallets to be designed for long life and ease of use.
Captive pallets are engineered and manufactured by reviewing the unique demands of your logistics or 3PL application. Our expertise in structural properties of a wide variety of wood and plastic products qualifies us to integrate value-driven solutions into your specific types of challenges.

Design options for captive slave pallets as follows:
*Recessed barcode notches in the edges for easy identification of product and pallets
*Eased perimeters at top and bottom with radius corners to increase life and minimize handling damages
*Assistance with forklift modifications specific to our slave pallet design
*Hand holes for ease of handling and manual relocation of slave pallets.
*Construction of slave pallets can be wood or plastic depending on the application and budget. 48″ x 48″ x 1/2″ is a standard size but slave pallets can be designed for any size
*Conveyor can be incorporated into a slave pallets for large loads.
*A variety of grades and thicknesses are available with variable size and strength based on service requirements and custom application.
*Custom slave pallets rated for application-specific load sizes are available.

For pallets and containers have bottom profiles that are not friendly to conveyor, racks, and ball transfers due to damage or design. Slave pallets allow any container or difficult pallet to accommodate a variety of storage and flow application by providing a smooth flat surface ideal for conveyance and racking.  Call for your custom quote at 865-540-4004