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Avoid Deadly Pallet Handling Accidents with Ball Transfer Decking

Storage Solutions Inc. can transform your warehouse or manufacturing space into a forklift free environment. Imagine moving pallets and heavy containers without forklifts! Ball transfer decks can make your warehouse or loading dock a forklift free zone! Forklift elimination in personnel areas greatly reduce risk of injury or death. P&D areas and Pallet Jack pick and drop spots can be designed for loading and unloading material on to the ball transfer floor.

Walkable ball transfer decking used widely in the air cargo industry and crossing over to manufacturing quality control areas and shipping areas for moving pallets and bulk containers while providing a walkable surface. Ball and Roller Decks are designed to carry a 20,000 lb. container. The Steel Plank Deck and Fiberglass Panel Deck have specific dimensions for type. All decks are sold as a standard size and may not be interchangeable with non-standard decks in a system.

Ball transfer units roll freely indoors and outdoors with capacities up to 20,000 Lbs. per footprint. The ball transfer units range from complete stainless steel and zinc plated to thermoplastic for air cargo handling. Ball transfer systems are suitable to all industries where there is a need for efficient omni-directional or bi-directional material handling.


Wood or plastic slave pallets can be incorporated into any system which allows any load to be conveyed. Slave pallets allow any pallet or container to be moved freely on the ball transfer decking surface. 2,000 lb. loads can be moved with ease and complete safety.


Heavy duty guardrail systems are recommended around the perimeter of each walkable ball transfer deck to protect the area and employees from powered equipment. Guardrail systems are rated to stop a 10,000 lb. load at 4 mph. Quick ship guardrail and gate systems are available in two rail and single rail systems one week for standard sizes.

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