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Prevent Deadly Accidents From Falling Pallets


1. Rack Enclosures

Rack enclosures (or pallet rack enclosures) are panels that attach to the backs, ends, and tops of your racks. Optional doors on the front for easy access to your inventory.
These enclosures are important for several reasons. They maximize storage space, prevent product loss, provide safer storage, and protect your employees from injury or death from falling pallets and inventory.
One of the biggest benefits pallet rack enclosures offer is they protect your inventory from theft and damage. By enclosing your inventory, you ensure it is only touched by those with the authority to do so.
These enclosures ensure that your product won’t easily (or ever) fall due to improper stacking or maneuvering of equipment… but we’ll explain more below!

2. Rack Enclosures for Maximize Storage Space

Rack enclosures help businesses increase storage space by securing products and inventory on all sides. This means that they can stack more products and stack it higher, without fear of products falling.

3. Pallet Rack Enclosures for Preventing Product Loss

Pallet rack enclosures help prevent product loss – falling, damage and theft. This benefits you financially. It prevents product loss. With proper enclosures around your products, you protect your valuable inventory and reduce product shrinkage.  Additionally, product damage and personnel injury from falling is a common pallet racking issue that you solve with proper rack enclosures.

4. Rack Enclosures to Protect Your Employees from Harm

Falling product safety measures are critical to providing a safe working environment for you and your employees. Wire or net pallet rack enclosures create this safe environment, prevent product falling, and give your employees the confidence they need to work efficiently around your product.  All Sizes Available
Rack safety guarding is available in any size to fit your existing or new pallet racking. Quick ship sizes are available for shipment within 24 hours for standard sizes. Wire and netting is available and engineered to your specific pallet weight, height, and size.

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