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Deep-Lane Pressure Relief for Pallet Flow

Deep-lane pallet flow is a space-saving and economical warehousing solution for high-throughput inventory. Designing a deep-lane system takes careful attention to detail… it can be a lot of pressure, and even more than you may be thinking.


  • Relieves the back pressure on the lift truck
  • Prevents product damage
  • Allows the pallets to safely index forward
  • Prevents restart issues
  • Easier and faster for the lift truck operator

Lane designs typically include speed controllers to ensure smooth, consistent flow as well as safe tracking down lane, but our deep-lane systems can also be equipped dual pallet separators. The dual pallet separators are strategically placed in the pallet flow lane… one separates the front discharge aisle pallet from rear pallets, while another is placed further back in the lane to separate to provide a break between groups of pallets.

The function of the dual pallet separators in deep-lane systems is to provide relief from the back pressure of the rear pallets. The front pallet, without pallet separators, would be subject to tremendous pressure from the weight of up to 19 rear pallets bearing down. Let’s look at an example:


  • 5-deep system/2,500 lb. pallet loads — .06 x 2,500 lbs. x 4 pallets = 600 lbs. additional weight
  • 20-deep system/2,500 lb. pallet loads — .06 x 2,500 lbs. x 19 pallets = 2,850 lbs. additional weight

As you can see from the example above, the calculation for back pressure is:

.06 x (pallet load weight) x # of pallets

Hundreds to thousands of pressurized weight on the front pallet can cause serious forklift retrieval safety concerns, particularly at higher elevations where the forklift mast capacity is reduced. Storage Solution’s dual pallet separators remove that risk.

Mallard Pallet Separators for Warehouse SafetyThe dual pallet separators are designed to be trouble free. They work in tandem in deep-lane and extra-deep lane pallet flow systems and automatically engage/disengage, as can be seen in the animated video. Once the front pallet position is clear, the separators trigger the release of the rear pallets to advance down the lane and fill the empty pallet position. Then the pallet separators reengage to hold and lock rear pallets to provide a 6″- 12″ break between pallets. Securing a pressure-free pallet retrieval and improving warehouse safety immeasurably.

Note- There are several design specifications to consider when designing a deep-lane pallet flow system to include dual pallet separators:

Dual Pallet Separator for Pallet Flow Mallard ManufacturingSpecifications

  • Requires an additional 24” to overall depth of the system
  • Must use a full surface slave pallet
  • 30,000 lbs. max per lane
  • Full pallet in/out – no case picking
  • Can be used with Magnum wheel or industry equivalent (IE) wheel

Our gravity flow specialists are on hand to help! Just give us a call and let our team remove some of your pressure. 865-540-4004