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Floor Mounted Pallet Flow Solution

Sometime the simple solutions just work the best.  Below you can see how a major discount retail customer has found a way to maximize picks, minimize travel and ensure accuracy by relying on floor-mounted pallet flow rack for inventory staging.  After the success with this system,  they have implemented it in numerous fulfillment centers. Hopefully this idea assist other customers with high volume order selection.

Photo 1: Floor-mounted pallet flow

Photo 2: Load-side split-roller lanes with entry guides and half-moon rail guards

Here’s one way the picking system can be laid out.

Pallet Staging

  • Pallets are loaded on split-roller floor-mounted pallet flow lanes, between 15 – 25 pallets deep
  • Entry guides are installed on the load side (charge end) to help guide pallet loading and ensure proper tracking as the pallets are pushed forward toward the pick aisle.
  • Custom-supplied, half-moon shaped rail guards prevent entry-side damage to the pallet flow rollers as pallets are loaded.
  • Discharge-end of the flow lanes are equipped with ramp stops to secure the pallet in the lane at the pick face.
  • Pallets are loaded via forklift.

Order Selection

  • Cases are picked from the pallet on the pick aisle (discharge end).
  • Cases are loaded onto either conveyor, pick cart or pallet jack.
  • Slower moving SKUs can be stored together in a single lane and picked from the pick aisle pallet or middle of the lane.
  • Workers leave gaps between the pallets for easier identification and picking in lanes containing multiple SKUs.
  • Empty pallets are sent back to the staging area via vertical pallet return lanes interspersed among the pallet flow lanes.

Photo 3: Pick-side (discharge) view of lanes with heavy-duty ramp stops

That pretty much covers it. Does it seem too simple to meet the needs of high-volume case selection? Well, remember it doesn’t have to be high-tech to be high-efficiency. Give us a call and let’s see if there is a simple, gravity flow solution in your future.  865-540-4004