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How long does it take to receive and install warehouse pallet rack?

At Storage Solutions Inc. Many times you can receive the material in less than a week.  On larger jobs 4-6 weeks is the norm.  The pace that we install pallet rack varies depending on many variables.  First and for most, safety is our number one concern when any Storage Solutions job
begins.  All of our installers have been through OSHA 10 training or better and have fork lift license.  PPE is used by Storage Solutions crews on every job whether required by the customer or not.

On small pallet rack jobs we can install an average of 30-50 bays per day with a 3-4 man crew, depending on number of levels and height.  This includes:

  • Unloading
  • Anchoring
  • Shimming for level beams from bay to bay
  • Wire decking

On larger jobs as shown in the attached pictures with a 6-8 man crew we can install about 6 truck loads of rack per week depending on the same criteria as above.

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