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HD TV Meets HD Carton Flow and It’s a Perfect Match


Dyna-Flo HD Carton Flow

All inventory is valuable and these HD TVs are no exception… they’re high priced, fragile commodities that require deliberate and careful treatment in a busy warehouse environment.  The challenge for this leading national retailer was to create an easy to use and access storage space that ensured efficient, damage free handling.  Dyna-Flo HD Carton Flow (as in heavy-duty) was the ideal solution, providing dense storage for varying SKU shapes and sizes on its full-width wheeled shelf bed made of strong, durable polycarbonate wheels in a staggered pattern.

Dyna-Flo HD Carton FlowDyna-Flo HD’s smooth wheeled surface, installed without a pitch, made it easier to place, move and pick the heavy TV boxes. A front roller bar prevents the TVs from rolling into the aisle and creates a second, rolling surface to aid in picking the large cartons.

Manufactured in 12” & 16” standard width sections, Dyna-Flo HD easily drops into place for quick on-site installation into new or existing structural or roll-formed pallet rack.  As you can see from the top photo, selective pallet rack above the carton flow provides easy access, reserve storage.

Dyna-Flo HD has several benefits that make it a better choice over selective racking accessory options such as wire or other material decking products.  For example:

  • Dyna-Flo HD Carton FlowHeavy product rolls easily on and off the rack
  • Wheels gently move product ensuring less product damage
  • Wheels enhance ergonomic on/off for warehouse staff
  • Carton flow helps speed picking and loading
  • Pallet stop rear-mounted accessory secures product for single aisle loading/unloading

If you would like to test a Dyna-Flo or other carton flow application to see if it would work for your particular inventory needs, just give us a call.  A Storage Solutions gravity flow specialist can help you review the carton flow products and our testing lab can test out one or several options to find the best fit.

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