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Forklift Personnel Separation

How to help control pedestrian traffic in a Forklift environment:

One of the challenges we get often is how do I control the pedestrian traffic in a forklift environment warehouse.   One solution is to use a combination of powered pedestrian gates and forklift gates that prevent traffic from mixing.  You can have a designated walkway that crosses a forklift path, Control to that walk way would be through a powered pedestrian gate that works in conjunction with the forklift gate.  When the individual wants to cross over to the other path, they hit a button which then sets off a system of sensors that scans the aisle for forklifts.  Once verified that it is clear, the system shuts the forklift gates and opens the pedestrian gates.   This allows pedestrians to safely cross the aisle.  Customers can designate who has the priority for traffic and allow for those gates to remain in the open position.

As always, Safety is a culture at Storage Solutions, Inc.!