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Pneumatic Controls Take the Pressure Off!
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Let’s share with you the benefits of the Pneumatic Pallet Separators, PS 500 series.  What makes this type of pallet separator different is its ability to rise to the challenge… literally and figuratively!  The PS-500 series uses pneumatic controls to separate and isolate the front pallet in flow system either onto a lift table or allows the transfer of the pallet to a mobile cart or tugger system as in the system shown on the left.

The Ergo Cell Pallet Lift Table

The Ergo Cell is a pneumatically controlled pallet lift table located at the pick face of a pallet flow system that separates and elevates the front pallet to a comfortable, ergonomic height for case selection.  The Ergo Cell makes case picking easier, reducing repetitive motion injuries from constant bending, stretching and straining, while increasing order fulfillment efficiency.


  • Designed for comfortable, efficient order picking
  • Isolates loads at discharge to eliminate back pressure – allows operator to remove empty pallets manually
  • Reduces worker injuries
  • Extremely economical solution vs. powered conveyor


    • Failsafe pneumatic controls
    • Air pop-up controls hold back 2-5 pallets (3-6 deep)
    • Compatible with GMA, CHEP and PECO pallets

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