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Are Modular Tall Walls Right for Your Facility?


You need wall partitions in your facility, but are unsure whether modular walls or modular tall walls would fit your needs. When deciding whether or not modular tall walls are right for your facility, ask yourself these questions:

How Much Space Do You Have?

Do you have an abundance of space in your facility, or is it a luxury? Modular tall walls differ from modular walls in that they are taller and designed for larger spaces than a traditional modular wall can accommodate.

If you have an application like a modular cleanroom that requires a larger space, modular tall walls with appropriately sized panels to fit the space may be the right fit. For example, if your facility has large equipment that average modular walls won’t be able to contain, modular tall walls are a good solution as they can be designed up to 40 feet tall. As such, they can easily be built from floor to ceiling should you require it.

What’s Your Budget?

The benefit of modular tall walls compared to traditional construction is that they can be custom designed to meet your budget. Storage Solutions Inc. will work with you to ensure that you are getting the design you need at a price you can afford.

Another advantage is that should you need a space redesign, modular tall walls can be easily disassembled and relocated. With such flexibility, there is no need for you to pay for a brand new area since Storage Solutions Inc. will redesign the space for you free of charge.

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