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Bolted Design vs. AEC Approach

THE RESURGENT ECONOMY and the steady march of e-commerce growth is keeping warehouse and distribution center (DC) operations busy picking, packing, and fulfilling orders, usually with more item handling and value added services thrown into the mix.

The consequence of this welcomed growth is the need for more space. And when DCs, plants, or any industrial facility needs more space, there are two basic options: going “out” by acquiring or building additional facilities, or “going up” by maximizing the cubic volume of existing facilities.

Going up, on the other hand, can be accomplished by using mezzanines and platforms to take full advantage of a building’s vertical space. After all, if you have a 30-foot clear height warehouse, but are only using 10 or so feet of that height, you are wasting space.

In buildings with sufficient clear height, a mezzanine can be added to create additional space for value added services like kitting, packing, or returns processing. Platforms can also be added to bring equipment, bulk storage or offices up a level, thereby freeing space on the ground level.



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