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10 Hard Facts on Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated buildings and modular construction have been around for years. The practice of prefabricated construction started out as a method of getting quality housing out to rural areas, however over the years, the practice has been used more as a way to increase productivity and efficiency in your construction process. To share more about the benefits of prefabricated buildings and modular construction, we compiled 10 HARD FACTS to show the promise of our practice.
1. 72% of contractors surveyed by McGraw Hill stated that the use of prefabricated construction processes decreased project schedules by more than a week, and 37% stated it reduced the schedule by 4 weeks or more.

2. Almost 3/4ths of contractors believe that the use of prefabricated structures can reduce the overall budget of a project, with 23% projecting a decrease of 11% to 25+%
3. When looking at installation and material costs, 53% of construction managers considered prefabrication a more affordable option to stick-built.
4. Prefabricated buildings are used most prevalently in manufacturing facilities by engineers (53%) and low-rise office buildings by architects (39%).
5. “70% of architects and 66% of engineers believe that prefabrication and modularization will result in measurably higher quality on future projects.”
6. Contractors believe that, out of all construction sectors, healthcare facilities have the highest opportunity and most to gain from the use of prefabricated buildings and structures.
7. 46% of mechanical contractors and 42% of fabricators believe that prefabrication can increase the level of safety on construction sites.
8. When it comes to onsite waste, 83% of contractors believe that prefabricated buildings can reduce construction waste, and 22% of them consider this a main driver of future modular construction use.
9. Mechanical and electrical contractors almost unanimously consider increased production modular construction’s greatest competitive advantage (98% & 97% respectively).
10. Finally, the main reason for not using modular construction? The owner did not want it (39% for architects) or the architect did not design it into the project (44% for engineers). Ultimately, prefabricated and modular construction can have all the benefits in the world, but first we must better educate others of their advantages in order to see modular construction take part in more projects all over the world.

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